Site 1: Riccione - Italy

Last Image
Fig. 1 Riccione, Italy - Last available image.

Last Timex Image created based on average pixel collected at 2 Hz over a 10 minutes period, allows the identification of breaking zone and foam patterns.

Last Shoreline Image
Fig. 2 Riccione, Italy - Last unrectified shorline image.

Shoreline automatically detected on the last Timex, which derives the location of the shoreline based on the color contrast between the dry and wet beach.

Last Rectified Image
Fig.3 Riccione, Italy - Last available rectified image.

Rectified Timex image through standard photogrammetric procedures in a local reference system.

Last Rectified Shoreline
Fig. 4 Riccione, Italy - Last Rectified Shoreline.

Shoreline detected on the last rectified Timex image in a local reference system.