Video monitoring Intelligent STAtion for Environmental applications

The Video monitoring Intelligent STAtion for Environmental applications (VISTAE) is a new prototype whose aim is to provide customizable analyses of the coastal video monitoring techniques. It consists of a credit-card sized computer (Raspberry Pi) and a camera with a resolution up to 8 MP. It is capable to acquire, to analyse and to transfer images from in-situ to remote server, and it is completely programmable.


The overall objective is the development of a flexible tool which can be used for different environmental applications and with different goals.

As a first step, we are testing its capability in coastal video monitoring, with the aim to ensure the same accuracy of similar tools currently available but enhancing the low costs, the programmability, and the ability of the instrument to be deployed in remote places.

All these features are thought for a widespread use of this novel tool.

Study sites

  • Riccione

Riccione is a touristic sea town in the Emilia- Romagna Region (Italy) and has been chosen as the first location for the deployment of the VISTAE monitoring system. The video system has been operating since November 2019.

  • Lido di Dante

Lido di Dante is tourist area in the Emilia-Romagna Region on the Adriatic Sea. The use of the beach for tourist purposes and its problems with erosion makes it one of the most interesting sites for researchers and coastal managers. The VISTAE system has been deployed from November 2020 to March 2021.

  • Bevano River Mouth

The Bevano River Mouth is located at the southernmost part of Lido di Dante and is a naturalistic protected area of great ecological value. Here, a VISTAE system self-powered with a solar panel has been installed since April 2021.